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ISKRA Zakłady Precyzyjne, Kielce, Poland

Advantages of CERAMIC Glow Plugs

opis do pliku w bazie danych The appearance of glow plugs with a ceramic heating element is similar to traditional glow plugs commonly available on the market. Differences between both of them are noticeable during the exploitation process. Main advantage of using ceramic glow plugs is shorten time of getting by them right temperature, which allows a driver running a car in 3-5 seconds. Due to the improved energetic ability, this kind of glow plugs need lowest voltage received from an accumulator for gaining highest work temperature, which has an effect in a decreased toxicity of fumes. It is found environmental friendly.

Ceramic glow plugs ensure the new quality during an ignition of a diesel engine:
• faster heating process and improved temperature keeping process in order to traditional glow plugs (850 degrees in 3 seconds, kept temperature about 1200 degrees);
• increased driver’s convenience due to the elimination of a cold engine effect (reduced engine noise, reduced low turnover vibrations);
• lower voltage needed to be delivered from an accumulator to start a plug working;
• decreased time of an engine heating process- diesel is burned in optimal conditions starting from an ignition (reduced emission of CO2);
• highest durability on thermal and chemical use as well as highest durability on an electro discharge of a heating element made of ceramic material (higher reliability).