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ISKRA Zakłady Precyzyjne, Kielce, Poland

U-SUPER Construction

  1. Central nut facilitates the mounting high voltage wire and transfers the electric energy to the copper core central electrode.

  2. Ceramic insulator has a hardness similar to diamond assures a high mechanical strength, targe resistance for high temperatures and has the dielectric strength.
  3. Terminal pin transfers high voltage to the glass copper seal area.
  4. Termic assembly assures the dentisity of the spark plug during all operating conditions - local traffic or highways.
  5. Glass copper seal assures an ideal density of plug and rapid loss heat.
  6. Outer seal exists in spark plugs with outer flat seat and ensures the better tightness joint: plug - engine head.
  7. Inner sealing in shape of metal ring after squeezing in assembly process ensures tightness between the central core electrode set and the body.
  8. Central electrode with a copper core allows quick diffusion a heat. It makes the plug self ignition and there is no possibility fouling the plug by combustion products.
  9. Mass electrode with a visible groove in the shape of the letter "U" are made of special alloy Ni-Cr which ensures a high resistance to corrosion, electroerosion and thermal loads.