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ISKRA Zakłady Precyzyjne, Kielce, Poland

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The use of nickel-chromium terminal pin with copper core makes the thermal characteristic of spark plugs very advantageous. After starting the engine, the spark plugs reach working temperature in a very short time and furthermore they show resistance to thermal overload. Reduction of average working temperature of spark plug central core, accompanied by high quality of alloy, ensures high resistance to corrosion, electro-corrosion and thermal loads. Long spark plug insulator cone increases shunt-resistance and high effectiveness of spark.


Depending on designation and durability, and requirements determined by the periods of between-service operations, spark plugs are divided into the following design varieties:

  • spark plugs of standard design,
  • spark plugs of increased durability:
    • multi-electrode,
    • with electrodes of platinic endings;
  • spark plugs of small dimensions,
  • compact spark plugs for small engines to drive, for example, motor saws,
  • plugs of special design.

    All of the above mentioned plugs can be operated in different ignition systems. Some of them require to use the plugs equipped with a resistor, reducing the level of radio and electric interference. Depending on the customer’s needs each type of plugs can be equipped with anti-interference resistor of standard resistance (marked as R or decreased resistance (X).

  • Spark Plugs with Longer Thread

    Spark Plugs for Scooters

    GARDEN Type Spark Plugs