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ISKRA Zakłady Precyzyjne, Kielce, Poland

GAS-SUPER Spark Plugs

The spark plugs line GAS-SUPER is designed for LPG and CNG engines.

Environmental and economical requirements have created the need to search for a new type of fuel. The most common alternative fuel used to power cars is the LPG and CNG. Unfortunately, the use of these fuels also has negative effects, the most important of them being:

- difficult ionization of gaseous fuel (a mixture of grater resistance impedes the spark-over between the electrodes),

- slower combustion of fuel LPG / CNG compared to gasoline, resulting in increased thermal load of spark plugs.

Desing changes have been made to reduce negative characteristics of LPG / CNG fuel. The changes include:

- appropriate selection of metal alloys used in the manufacture of spark electrodes,

- optimal selection of gaps between electrodes,

- changing the heating range of spark plugs.

These changes have helped increase the durability of our spark plugs, simultaneously retaining the correct parameters for the engine's start-up, as well as operating  both gasoline LPG.


The benefits of  using the ISKRA GAS-SUPER spark plugs are:

- improved economical and environmental performance,

- reliable and smooth operation of the engine,

- much easier cold engine start-up,

- increased effectiveness the spark plugs' self-cleaning,

- greater resistance to heat load.