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ISKRA Zakłady Precyzyjne, Kielce, Poland

U-SUPER Spark Plugs

There are many kinds of desing solutions in the spark-ingnition engines. In all cases, efforts have been made to find the best conditions for spark discharge to achieve the best conditions for spark discharge, achieving the optimal response and effectiveness of ignition. This is a very important element in the case of modern engines, where the requirements for clean exhaust gas technology, while maintaining high catalyst service life, is the highest priority.

U-SUPER spark plugs are used in the ignition systems with special electrode side especially for this purpose.


The flat side electrode of U-SUPER spark plugs has been replaced by another one with a different crossing. The crossing of these electrodes has the shape of the letter "U" in the discharge location. This special design has been adopted to ensure even wear during operation. Over the entire lifetime, the electrodes' protruding edges retain the same contact surface area.

U-SUPER Advantages

U-SUPER Construction

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